6 steps to becoming an upholsterer.

So admittedly this is the way that I’ve decided to do it and it’s unique to my own set of circumstances, but this is what I’m going to do:

1. Buy a couple of good books. I know from past experience that I learn really well this way, so I’ve got ‘The Upholstery Bible’ by Cherry Dobson which has really clear step by step tuition, and ‘The Complete Upholsterer’ by Carole Thomerson on recommendation from a training provider.

2. Get some upholstery tools. I’ve bought basic tools from an Ebay store to get me started – undoubtedly I’ll need more but this is enough for the projects I’m starting with. I have a webbing stretcher! I’ve not yet stretched any webbing, but when the moment arrives I’m equipped.

3. Find a project. I’ve got my second project lined up, but I’m yet to find my first. My parents have given me a carver style chair which was unearthed while clearing out their loft.

4. Look for more projects! I’ve been going to Kidderminster Market Auctions on and off for the last year without much of a plan – but now I have focus! I need to get a ‘drop in seat’ style chair as this is the most straight forward project to start with.

A chair with a stitched and stuffed pad

5. Get yourself some professional tuition. I was really impressed with the help and advice offered to me by Tresithick Upholstery and Restoration in Truro, so I have entrusted my tuition to them. They are however booked until August (such is the demand), so I’ll be going down there in the summer. I hope, by that point I’ll have a few experiences under my belt. I’m told that in the week I’m with them they will be able to help me upholster a chair with a stitched and stuffed pad. This involves a number of upholstery techniques including working with springs – I’m really looking forward to this.

6. Practice! This weekend I’ll be carefully stripping the carver chair to see what’s what. I’m feeling pretty excited.

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