Projects update

It’s taken a couple of weeks, but I’ve finished my first two projects. I’ve really enjoyed this and I’ve learned so much, it doesn’t stop me from feeling frustrated about the imperfections, but I do also need to remember that at this stage I’m self taught! I’ve built up a whole host of questions for my tutor in August so he’d better be ready. By way of a quick update I’ve included some pictures of the completed chairs.

The first project was one of the simple drop-in-seat dining chairs I purchased from an Ebay auction, now with a webbed, horse hair stuffed pad, covered in ‘Kensal Rising’ from St Jude’s Fabrics……

The second project is the ‘pin stuffed pad’ carver, rescued from my parents’ loft – this has been the more challenging project. Now re-upholstered in ‘Bird Garden’ from St Jude’s Fabrics……


7 thoughts on “Projects update

  1. These look great.
    “… I’ve learned so much, it doesn’t stop me from feeling frustrated about the imperfections, but I do also need to remember that at this stage I’m self taught …”
    To encourage you, I am on a similar journey myself, exploring creative outlets and getting frustrated at the imperfections in the outcomes, but it’s not only part of the process … leaving imperfections in place is a huge challenge but will become worthwhile as you start to see how far you’ve come.
    Stick with it!

    1. Thanks so much for this, you are absolutely right. Thinking of my current career I am often able to look back at my achievements from 10 years ago and feel proud of how far I have progressed – so why should this be any different? I suppose in some ways I feel frustrated as if this were the thing I should have done years ago and I’m playing catch up with myself – that’s probably what spurs the small dissatisfactions. I’d love to know more about your creative journey too.

      1. I’m adding you to my blogroll so others can watch your progress.
        Life is a journey, work, hobbies, etc are no different. Cut yourself some slack.
        As for me, I’m learning to deconstruct, recycle and reuse textiles to make new clothes and accessories.

  2. I love this chair Jon!! Well Done You!! When we can ever afford a new house (that will definitely need work!!), and I’ve bought loads of knackered old furniture to reupholster & upcycle, will glady pay you to make it all look purty!!

    1. Hi Claire, really good to hear from you – and thanks for the lovely comments! I’m so pleased that you’ve been inspired to blog – what will be your topic? I’m really enjoying the process of writing this – and for me it’s added incentive to pursue my goal. Drop me a line when you’ve set it up – I’ll subscribe!!

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