Stitched and Stuffed

Is it possible to be pleased with something yet disappointed at the same time? These past few weeks I’ve been working, little by little on my latest project piece – a Victorian balloon backed dining chair. This type of chair requires a ‘stitched and stuffed pad’ which essentially means that you create a pad stuffed with hair and then change the shape of it by stitching it around the edges. I’m learning that this is one of the essential techniques to master as an upholsterer as it’s used to achieve a whole host of different finishes.

This is the technique that I am meant to be learning when I take my course in August, but eager as I am and fuelled by some half decent looking results so far, I figured that if I could master this one early, my tutor in August could show me something even more advanced.

Well I’ve done the stitching and stuffing and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with it for a first attempt. Once I got going it wasn’t half as complicated as I’d feared although I am going to have to invest in a heavy duty glove because pulling twine to tension with your bare hands is really painful after about 10 minutes! What should have been created is a flat looking pad with a firm, vertical edge to give the finished chair height and structure; this forms the base for a second layer of stuffing which will give a softer look and feel to the seat. What I’ve been able to create is a flat pad (tick!) with a firm edge (tick!) but the edge is sloping and not vertical. So I’m a bit disappointed that it doesn’t quite look the same as the one in my book, but pleased all the same that it’s more right than wrong. I think I know how to improve it next time which is the main thing, and I think I can rescue this one to maintain the desired look.

The important thing is that I’m enjoying the journey more than ever……


5 thoughts on “Stitched and Stuffed

  1. awesome progress! You are a naughty perfectionist though – I can’t imagine a harsher critic than you on your first go at this technique. Very excited about this chairs journey – I feel its going to be a special one.

  2. You are so right chantal , the boy drives me crazy with this perfection thing but I think that is what will make him a success (lets keep talking about him like he isnt here i bet he loves that!) Really great Jon I will send you a pic of my chair in the studio!

  3. Jon, looks like you gained a great deal from your course and the chairs look great. It’s been good to read all about your big adventure. So happy that you had a fantastic time and that it proved to be beneficial. That leap of faith must surely come very soon.

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