Over stuffed.

So I’ve had a bit of a break (and here come the excuses) what with the lovely weather and wanting to be outside, some pressing home DIY projects, a demanding new fitness regime that lasted all of 10 days (and not the required 90) and 4 weeks without any internet connection finding time for my upholstery seems to have been a bit hard. Oh, and the dog ate my homework, Miss.

I have however, picked it up again and feel excited about doing so – on the advice of quite a few people I’m trying not to put myself under pressure to work on this all of the time at the risk of taking away every last bit of enjoyment and it becoming another thing on the to-do list. So for that reason it’s been good to have a little break and come back to it in my own time.

I’m working on 2 projects at the moment with a third in the garage waiting to be started. The balloon back dining chair from my last post is ongoing, and I think one of the things that started the slow-down was finding some great fabric to finish it off that’s coming from America and will be about 6 weeks in getting here. I’ve bought from Spoonflower to test them out and I’m really hoping they deliver! Since my last post I’ve added the 2nd stuffing to this chair to soften out the shape retaining the firm, structured sides. I was able to ‘adjust’ the slight imperfections from my first go at stitching and I’m pleased with the results.¬†

My other project is a simple drop-in seat, but this one is all about the fabric. I went to Brighton for a few days at the start of April and came across a boutique dress making store in the Lanes called Get Cutie. In the window they had a fantastic, hand made dress in a 50’s style cowgirl print fabric that looked amazing. Thankfully, although they only sell finished garments, I was able to persuade them to sell me a meter of the fabric on its own….

It’s an American fabric by Alexander Henry called ‘From the Hip’. I’ve since found the Alexander Henry website and they have some really unique designs but alas they don’t retail in the UK and only supply wholesale in the US.

I have to admit that in upholstering this chair I did get a little over confident / over excited and rushed it a bit. Wanting to have a really plush look to the seat I decided to pack it full of stuffing and not just on the top but around the edges too. What I forgot to do was check that the drop-in seat would still ‘drop in’ once I had done that and of course it didn’t. It did wedge-in with a lot of force and I managed to give my cowgirls a muffin top. Still, no harm done and I’ve gone back, de stuffed and all is well.

I’m hoping for my next post I’ll have my balloon back completed (which will involve the use of a sewing machine – I’ve been practising!) and I’ll also write about the next project, the lovely Adam style arm chair sitting patiently in my garage.