Truro here I come!

Where has the time gone? It feels like only a few weeks since I first decided to pursue the idea of becoming an upholsterer and write this blog and as for booking my place on a course that was happening in August, well at the time it felt like an eternity, yet as I write this it’s little over one week away.

I’ve stuck with my decision to study the ‘stitched and stuffed pad’ as originally planned – although the hare-chair was this type of seat, I really want to make sure I can walk before I run. If I’m going to be a specialist I need to be really good! I have my chair for the course, good old Kidderminster Market Auctions came up trumps again and for just £10 I managed to get this victorian style (I think it’s an 80’s reproduction) dining chair. Barry the Auctioneer has kept me supplied with chairs, telling me each week that he’ll ‘do his best’ for me with a ‘have faith!’ as I leave the auction room. These days I go for the banter as much as the furniture…….

The Adam style chair is now stripped and ready for me to start, but if I’m honest I’m not sure where to go with it yet. What’s fascinating about stripping down a chair like this is discovering its past lives, this one in particular appears to have taken a few different incarnations but I’m not sure which was original. the holes in the frame seem to suggest that it may have originally had a cane-weave seat which I wasn’t expecting at all, then it’s been upholstered leaving the frame exposed and re-upholstered covering up the frame entirely. The real shame is that the last person to work on the chair stapled the material into the show-wood which means it will need repairing if I want to show it to it’s full potential. I think I’ll look at this again when I’m back from Truro.

I got a bit excited last week when my latest edition of Living Etc was delivered. I really rate this magazine, I’ve subscribed for years and as an interiors fanatic I use it for a huge amount of inspiration. The August issue featured two room sets with traditionally upholstered chairs in them, but better still they were incomplete and showing off the craftsmanship beneath. I was struck by how great they looked in these settings without a top fabric and that in some ways it’s a shame to hide all the hard work that goes into creating the finished piece. If nothing else it’s given me an excuse to leave  my half finished projects all around the house!

So here goes, Truro here I come (I’ll keep you posted)……