Day one of the course

It was a bit of a mad rush in the end – I found out on Thursday that the chair I’d lined up and stripped down wasn’t going to be suitable for traditional techniques. A bit of panicking and searching on eBay saw me buy 2 Victorian chairs of the correct type on Friday and just in time for my journey to Truro on Sunday.

Chairs in hand, I arrived at Tresithick this morning and to tell the truth I was pretty nervous! What if I’ve been doing it all wrong? What if they just look at what I’ve learned and start tutting and shaking their heads? I needn’t have worried.

Husband and wife team Richard and Sonja put me at ease immediately, their beautiful farmhouse set as a backdrop for a really informal day with Richard offering expert tuition. There are just 3 other people on the course this week so I’m getting all of the attention I need and we’re all working on different things so it’s great to see some more advanced pieces.

My new chair is suitable for springing and I’m really pleased about that. This means that I can learn something totally new over the next few days as well as perfecting the things I’ve already had a go at. I have to say that I’ve learned loads already especially around how to prepare the frame (I’ve always been too eager to get to the upholstery to pay much attention to the frame!) and I expect that my learning will grow and grow over the coming days. A book can only teach you so much. So this is where I am so far:

Today I have stripped off all of the old upholstery, glued 2 frame joints, filled the old tack holes and webbed the base ready for springs. The time just flew!!

So back in my ‘digs’ for the week, which are really inspiring me too. I found a B&B in Probus, just outside of Truro and what a find! Spring Cottage is owned by Chris and David, and I really take my hat off to them – their attention to detail is second to none both in terms of service and style. I find myself walking around this beautiful stone cottage with a massive smile as I notice all the little details including lit tea light candles along the stairs to the door when I returned tonight. Really inspiring. I’m having a great time!





One thought on “Day one of the course

  1. What an inspiring and lovely start Jon. Starts are always lovely. And starts on MONDAY the FIRST of the month triply blessed.

    And how like life: too busy wanting to get on with the stuffing to notice the frame… I think that piece of advice can be transposed to lots of other areas where we want to make progress but perhaps don’t pay attention to the fundamentals – the framework – that it all hangs off.

    I’m glad it has had such a great start and pleased you shared it with us. Tell us more!

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