Day two of the course

It’s day 2 and once again I’ve learned a huge amount of new skills, techniques and ways to improve what I’ve already practiced.

Today we moved onto creating a sprung base which I was really looking forward to as It’s yet unchartered territory for me. Yesterday I webbed the frame from beneath so that I could use the full depth of the chair for a sprung base, and this morning I tied and lashed four 3-inch springs in place.


For those that are interested, this was then followed with a layer of hessian also tied to the springs, bridle ties for the first stuffing and a healthy amount of coir ready for the stitched pad. Learning how to prepare the stuffing in the right density has been really useful – a book only gives you a picture!

So this is where I’m up to….


Partly, I’m shocked at how long this can take. As I’ve been practicing in fits and starts, this is the first period I’ve had to work on a project from beginning to end – but then I suppose if you’re all about the craft then speed sits at odds with that.

The atmosphere in the workshop is great, lots of chat and laughter – Sonja looks after us beautifully with tea, biscuits, cake and a home made lunch on the patio in the sunshine. It’s all very civilised!

I’ve come across to St Mawes for a wonder by the sea In the evening sun. Does it get much better?


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