I have premises don’t you know….

I’m very conscious that my blog has gone a bit quiet of late, but don’t be fooled into thinking that I’ve gone a bit cold on this whole upholstery thing… it’s quite the opposite.

My lack of presence here has allowed me to start making strides with the infrastructure of my future business. As people learn of my new venture, opportunities have started to come my way – a couple of small commissions, an online request for some upholstery advice and a really interesting interior design project for the New Year have all been collected so far and so it seemed right that I start to invest a little in doing things properly.

First of all, the big one – my premises! I am pleased to say that my muddy ditch has been replaced with my fantastic new workshop and while at present it’s really just a big shed, the coming weeks should see it transformed and kitted out so that I have the right space to call my own. I must admit I’ve been holding off starting any new projects until this is ready as crouching on the kitchen floor has really lost its appeal. My week at Tresithick also helped me to understand the kind of space and tools I’ll need to make my life easier and the work more enjoyable.

The other item I’ve been missing is a business card. I’ve had a few opportunities recently where I’ve really regretted not having something that I can give to people who want to know more about what I’m doing. I think there was also a part of me earlier on that felt a business card perhaps made me appear more skilled or professional than I was, but I’m feeling so much more confident in my abilities now that I think it’s time to start spreading the word….

One of the things on my to-do list for next year is a website, I’ve not yet got my head around whether it’s going to be a ‘watch this space’ kind of site or whether I’ll be confidently offering my services or whether I might have developed a product of some sort by then. It is however important that I have a domain name, so I’m happy to say that I am now the proud owner of http://www.thecantinpatch.co.uk and http://www.thecantinpatch.com. It’s funny, it took all of 30 minutes to do and cost next to nothing – yet buying these felt very important.

Before I go back up to my shed to carry on with the wiring (trying my best not to blow myself up) I wanted to show you one last thing. Some months ago when I had a great coaching session with Helga Henry, I committed to finding a point of focus for my new venture, something that when I saw it I would be reminded of all the things I’m aiming for right now. Well the opportunity presented itself a couple of weeks ago whilst playing around with the sewing machine….

I’ve been looking for a new iPhone case for ages and decided to make my own. I certainly think about my goals more when I see this in my hand…. perhaps it could be a little side line?!