Avoiding the Naysayers

One of the great things about having a blog is the connections you make. In the past couple of months I’ve chatted with people who’ve found me almost by chance and taken the time to say ‘hi’ and share some of their experiences – I suppose it’s been a bit like having upholstery pen pals.

Chatting via email last week with my new friend Sharon (an incredibly talented novice who’s learning much faster than I’m able to) we moved onto the subject of professional upholsterers and how they viewed the industry. I was really shocked and a bit saddened to hear Sharon talk about her interactions with such people, the negativity they have about their industry and the lack of hope for the future. Sadder still that they would so readily try and dampen the hopes of someone with so much enthusiasm and energy for the craft.

Should I be surprised? Probably not, I’m sure we can all reel off numerous examples of when we’ve met people like this (when I was in my teens and wanted to be a teacher I didn’t meet a single teacher who said ‘go for it!’) but I suppose the effects are so much more acute when you might be a little uncertain in your own mind of whether you’re doing the right thing. So what do you do? Listen? Give up? Close your ears? Or just carry on with that same enthusiasm that helped you get going in the first place? I’m choosing the latter and while the reception to my plans has been largely positive, I don’t doubt that there will be the odd naysayer to dodge along the way.

So here’s to anyone following a passion or dream out there at the moment – like me and my pen pals Sharon and Jill, perhaps we’ll make it a different kind of industry one day?



One thought on “Avoiding the Naysayers

  1. Jon – Happy New Year! It’s a wonderful achievement that you’ve finished your shed (not in this post) but that also you are talking so positively about the difference YOU are going to make to the profession as you start to join it. Truly inspiring and very well done.

    Not to pimp myself out too much – but I wrote a blog post a little while ago about this very topic – how to deal with those who want to squish out your bonfire before it’s taken hold! I hope it is useful to you – it’s here – http://helgahenry.com/starting-your-own-creative-business-and-deali

    Well done, not just on taking the first step, but on taking the second, third and subsequent steps. That’s all it will ultimately take.

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