No Excuses

I think we all do it from time to time, create valid reasons for not doing something in the hope that those around us will recognise that our steely determination has been thwarted yet again by things completely outside of our control. Of course, we know the truth. Actually we could make the time, or find the tools, or follow up on that call. We’re rarely have as little control in our own lives as we would have others believe.

So while I’ve managed to find every available reason not to do any exercise this year (one thing at a time eh?) I have made a couple of enabling decisions that mean I can push my new life as an upholsterer forward in the way that I’m so keen to do.

Back in September I blogged about a conversation I had with my Manager at work asking if I could reduce my hours, effectively going part-time. Well, it’s taken a few months but last week my proposal was accepted and as of April 1st I’ll be a part time Learning and Development Manager, and I guess a part-time upholsterer! I feel very lucky that the Director in charge of making the decision is a great believer in following your dreams and has championed my efforts, even taking the time to tell our company CEO all about what I’m doing. The CEO even stopped me in the office last week, keen to ask about my woodwork. Close enough.

I’ve also decided to do something else which might seem like an easy decision for some, but for me it’s pretty monumental. I have many passions, upholstery and interiors being just one, but from a very young age I’ve been absolutely car mad. As I grew up, this fascination became even more specific with French cars becoming the object of my affection and adoration and those crazy old Citroens being at the very top of my list. As an adult I’ve owned a few but my Dream has always been to own one of the most beautiful cars ever made, a Citroen DS. in 2007 I was able to realise that dream and as a 30th birthday gift to myself I bought one. It didn’t disappoint, floating majestically along the road, receiving admiring glances and comments wherever we go, it’s been a real love story. I bought it with the intention of keeping it forever….. until now.

In a couple of weeks my DS goes off to be sold, the money from this sale will help to fund my business in part and reduce my outgoings now that I’m part-time. If I’m really serious about changing my career, this is something I have to do and I suppose it feels right in some ways that one achieved dream should help to facilitate the next. Plus I can always buy another when I’m a millionaire.

So there we have it, a couple of barriers well and truly removed, no real excuses available for not forging ahead and making significant progress in 2012. Better start thinking about my next step!

On the project front, having completed 4 simple drop-in seats for a friend, I’ve set to work on the Adam style chair. I’m pleased to be able to utilise my skills from my week at Tresithick and even more pleased that my stitching skills have improved from my first solo attempts. I’m as critical as ever, but I can see there’s an improvement.

This week I’m starting another small commission piece via a friend of a friend, a pin stuffed pad needing to be stripped right back and finished in her own fabric. I’ll post some shots of this one when I’ve done it too.

See? I’m far too busy to go running.