Truro here I come (again!)

Late last year, still full of enthusiasm for the week I spent at Tresithick, I booked up to spend another week at their idyllic workshop in Truro so that Richard, Sonja and Nadine could help me move my skills another step forward.

Guess what? I’m heading to Truro tomorrow to start my next 5-day project on Monday – I’m so excited! Not only do I get to indulge my new passion for a whole week, learning new techniques and (hopefully) producing something aesthetically pleasing at the end of it, but I’m also staying at the equally idyllic Spring Cottage again.

If I don’t feel totally rejuvenated by the time I come back, there’s no hope for me. The timing is perfect too as my return will be just one week away from starting my new part-time contract, so I can put my enthusiasm to good use.

So, this is my project for the week:


Yes, it looks like a big piece of 18mm plywood. Watch this space………

3 thoughts on “Truro here I come (again!)

  1. Hi, im just finishing up an 18 week upholstery course in Edinburgh, so I might try a few weekened classes so I dont lose the momentum, not easy because I dont have a car. Are you making a headboard? Im currently making one for my bed. I was using a manual staple gun but it was just too much hard work and have ordered myself an electric one so hopefully I can make progress with it again. Goodluck with your new project! G.

  2. Grace, where did you take the course in Edi?
    I’ve been looking for a good course but can’t find one.
    Thanks 🙂

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