The third day

As a child, whenever we went away on holiday as a family the final day was always the most painful for me, as invariably I’d had an amazing time and would spend hours crying at the thought of going home. I might give a repeat performance at the end of this week.

I find it really hard to explain how much I get from being down here, but spending time doing something you love with great people who also love the same thing as you is priceless. I can’t wait for my next week here already! I’d better start selling some pieces to pay for it.

So today has been (relatively) more studious, I’ve been in the cutting room on my own for a few hours and Tracy vowed to talk less so that we could all concentrate! It didn’t happen – we all enjoy it too much and are as bad as each other.

As for my footstool, there’s not a huge amount to show today as a lot of my time has been spent checking measurements, pleat positions and pad tension ready for the top cover. I finished securing the calico this morning and it’s produced a really neat looking pad which closely resembles the finished article, however any mistakes at this stage will show up in the final piece so it’s important that every element is technically and aesthetically correct.



Then another layer of polyester padding goes over the top to enable to final fabric to move more easily into place and soften the feel of the finished item. In lots of ways it feels sad to cover up what’s been achieved so far, but I’m sure it’ll be looking more impressive in no time.


With this done, I had an afternoon to plan the button positions on my final fabric. Again this is a painstaking, mathematical task with each button position needing to be mapped horizontally, vertically and diagonally against the next. I did consider hurling myself out of the window on a couple of occasions. Taking the time here (however distressing) means that your fabric will pleat perfectly from one button to the next without any ‘bagging’ or even over-tensioning that could put strain on the buttons. As I want this footstool to look stunning, I figured it was time well spent.

I’m keeping the fabric a secret for now (I’ll show you tomorrow!) but I will give you a teaser in the form of my first few buttons. I’ve not decided which colour or pattern to use yet, these were testers so that I could get used to the button covering machine.


I’m hoping to have some great progress shots to show you tomorrow. Until then…….


3 thoughts on “The third day

  1. Me too Chantal. Keep it up Jon – I love getting to work in the morning and reading about your day on the button covering machine. I didn’t even know there was such a thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait for tomorrow’s update and the reveal of the material..

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