The fourth day

Buttons, buttons everywhere and ……. all of the bloomin’ things needed making and attaching to my footstool today. I kid of course, it’s been another enjoyable day at ‘chair school’ as Darren has affectionately named it and my top fabric has been buttoned in place.

The day started with making the buttons, and in the end I’ve gone for plain white which should make sense when you see the fabric. Please turn away if you’re of a sensitive disposition.

Making buttons was really enjoyable and involved a specialist piece of kit that I can’t yet afford. Thankfully there are places both on-line and in nearby Wolverhampton that can make them up for me. So 28 buttons (plus a few spares) were made first thing to pin my top fabric in place


With my fabric painstakingly marked out, each button was then stitched through the fabric with a double-pointed needle right through to the underside of the pad and secured to the toggle beneath.


As before, as each button goes into place, I’m checking that the fabric and the pleats are neat and aligned. Of course this is where it gets really exciting because you get a feel for what the finished piece will look like


And this is where I’ve left it this evening ready for the edge pleats to be finished tomorrow


What do you think of the fabric? Not to everyone’s taste of course but certainly one to notice! Richard has given me some great advice on how to complete the project beyond tomorrow as I’ll have to construct a frame, upholster that and attach feet for it to fulfil its footstool destiny.

I’ve also been able to have a go at slipstitching today which is a technique used commonly to attach material to the back or side of a chair where you can’t have tacks or piping on show. I’ll need this skill for a couple of projects waiting on the wings, and Tracy was kind enough to let me have a go at it on her armchair-arm, a marked piece that she’s completing for her level 2 qualification. It’s true to say that Tracy struggled to ‘bond’ with her arm, it’s a piece that teaches you a huge amount but unlike the others you can’t take it home and display it in your sitting room!

Tracy did a great job of masking her true feelings as pictured below, seeing the project as a useful exercise. I also think that the off cuts of terracotta fabric compliment her gold Doc Martin’s, which quite frankly have been a distraction. See what an have to put up with? I who am I kidding? I really will be sad to leave.


At the end of my last day I’ll be jumping in the car and completing the 4+ hour drive home, so the final post will happen over the weekend and I hope to be able to show you the completed pad.


One thought on “The fourth day

  1. jon ,how do you turn out such amazing work quality when engaged in such fun and banter!!! a true pro!!!

    will never forget our fun fun times at the chair school !!! xx

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