The fifth and final day

I have had the most amazing week and completed my 4 hour drive home on Friday evening with a smile on my face and my completed project in the boot.

There aren’t many things for me that surpass my expectations when they are already sky high, but my two weeks at Tresithick have done just that. There is something so wonderful and enjoyable about learning something completely new, especially when you’re genuinely passionate about the subject. I’ve felt that this week has also been a bit of a milestone for me in that the techniques that I have learned are now really separating me from an amateur with a staple gun. I’m starting to feel like a real specialist. Of course there’s still loads for me to learn, and I watched in awe as some of my fellow students completed their advanced pieces this week, but i feel excited that I still have that journey ahead of me.

And so to the finished pad complete with piped edge, ready for me to build a frame in the coming weeks to turn it into a footstool. What do you think?



Of course this week wouldn’t have been as enjoyable if it weren’t for Richard and Nadine’s expert tuition and the company of Tracey, Kate, Henry, Claire, Catherine, Amanda, Sonja and Bella the dog…


Catherine completes her stunning armless chair knowing that she can’t take it home as she travels all the way from the USA to complete this course!


Claire tackles the arms on her level 3 piece – really advanced stuff


Kate perfects her sprung dining chair with stunning results, although she’s concerned her daughter is going to use it as a clothes horse once it’s in her bedroom!

With Monday just around the corner I’ll soon be back into the swing of my day job, and you can guarantee I’ll be squirrelling away some pennies for my next week in Truro.


5 thoughts on “The fifth and final day

  1. Hi Jon – I’ve just been reading your blog and it is great! I feel like we a living parallel lives! In January 2011 I quit my job in tv to become and upholsterer! I spent last year going to recreational courses and started AMUSF Level 2 course in September. I now have my own website and blog and work part-time as an interior designer. It feels amazing to have gone after what I day dreamed about – it is scary, and I have been very very poor but I am so much happier than when I was shackled to my computer in an industry I hated. You have mad skills and a good eye so just keep going! I have still got so far to go – my website is taking ages – I did it myself – but I know it will all come together. Its so nice to read about someone elses experiences so keep up the good work. Bravo! x

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