You’re the Boss

I’ve been busy alright?

I’m feeling a little bit of ‘blog guilt’ today, knowing that I’ve been doing lots of stuff without taking the time to sit back for a moment to reflect and chart my progress. It’s not that I feel the need to justify what I’m up to, but I suppose that when you’ve worked for someone else for so long, you kind of get in the habit of talking about how you have made the best use of your time. I guess that means I’m using you as my boss. Don’t let it go to your head. But do nominate me for Employee of the Month.

So, what have I learned in the last few weeks?

  • Buying in bulk is so much cheaper in the long run and who knew I had a bulk supplier on my doorstep? I might however need to buy a bigger house in which to store it all
  • Having the right tools for the job just makes everything easier, even though they’re not always cheap. I’ve invested in a button covering machine and an upholsterer’s staple gun which will open up the type of projects I can undertake and reduce the time it takes to do them
  • It’s time to move on to a new upholstery challenge and have a go at something I’ve not done before (more on that another day)
  • The Spring fair was even more worthwhile because I sold my tall ships chair! You’ve got to be out there showing people what you do….
  • I’ve taught myself how to make bunting! No, I don’t need it but I got caught up in the whole Jubilee spirit.

There are a couple of other things I want to tell you about but at this stage they’re top secret. I’m not however very good with secrets so I’m going to change the subject before you wheedle it out of me. What? I said no.

Here’s a nice little project I’ve just completed for my friend and talented visual artist, Chantal Powell. I jumped at the chance of updating Chantal’s piano stool to accompany her recently acquired childhood piano. This was a great project for a few reasons, firstly Chantal had a clear vision and was ready with fabric choices and decisions on style and trim which can make things a little easier, secondly the stool was already stripped and ready to go (so I can go straight to the fun part and not cut my hands to shreds on old staples!) and thirdly I was able to practice some of the new techniques that I learned during my last week at Tresithick. I’m really pleased with the results (and importantly, so is Chantal!)….




One thought on “You’re the Boss

  1. You sold the tall ships chair! fantastic! look you are good at secrets- either that or I don’t pay attention when you talk to me as I didn’t remember hearing that!
    So delighted with both how the stool looks and the fact that its been done by you. It means it will always be a special and sentimental possession now
    p.s you may want to email me your bank details so I can actually pay you 😉

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