Imitation is the best form of flattery

It’s time to start a new project and this little beauty has been sitting in the corner of my workshop for the last 6 months


I bought this at auction in all of its OAP olive glory as a practice piece for stretching my upholstery abilities, I’m hoping to transform it into something rather more appealing. I found motivation and inspiration last week when I came across an image of this handsome ‘Sartor’ Chair by Stuart Scott. While the shape is different, I got excited about renovating my chair in a similar style with a grey felt and black piping plus a deep buttoned back – the shape of my Queen Anne chair is quite feminine and I’m hoping that these elements might give it a slightly more masculine feel


I’m actually really excited to start, by that I mean adding new upholstery and not stripping away what’s there already. Quite frankly it’s a thankless task and this chair is fighting back by cutting my hands and covering me in 27 years worth of biscuit crumbs. Why do I never find money?


Stripping back has taught me a lot about how to put it back together and so far I’m not too daunted, with the exception of the arms which might see me calling for help. Still, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it eh? Watch this space…..


One thought on “Imitation is the best form of flattery

  1. This looks like a big undertaking – how very brave! But the inspiration chair looks fabulous and yes, I can see how that “approach” would transform what looks like a palace of Dralon on my monitor!!! Good luck!

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