On August 31st Darren and I will be celebrating our Civil Partnership. I never really know what to call it, are we getting Civilised? Civilly Partnered? Married?

The last one is the interesting one; from the word go we were adamant that we didn’t want the day to feel like a wedding for no other reason than the lack of convention around Civil Partnerships meant that we wouldn’t be bound by the typical wedding structure – so why not do something more creative? We were also adamant that we would not get ourselves stressed out with the minutiae of the event as it approached, I could never understand why people would want to spend this time worrying when they should be looking forward to their special day*. (*Famous last words)

Last week a couple of things dawned on me. Firstly, the majority of my dreams in the past 8 weeks have been about table plans, ties and guest lists. Secondly, I’d not been in my workshop for nearly 3 weeks. had I become Groomzilla? Obsessed with our big day at the expense of everything else or was it just that I was a little naive in thinking that it would all just magically happen? I’m going with a little of both. It would appear that trying to move away from a traditional wedding format is actually quite hard. Firstly the ceremony itself sounds just like any wedding that I’ve ever been to, then we have to feed people and that involves sitting down (which needs carefully considered table plans) and then there’s the tables – we can’t leave them looking so plain can we? (so we need flowers and decorations), and what about recording the event? and entertaining people? and getting people there? And so it continues…… While I’m unbelievably excited about our event, I’m very conscious that I’ve taken a little upholstery holiday. That said, my creative energies have not gone to waste.

One of our amazing pre-wedding Photos by the wonderful Emma Pilkington. One of the other things we said we weren’t going to do! (but were glad we did)

2012 has evidently been the year for bunting with the Jubilee and the Olympics (can we also count Eurovision? Perhaps not) – you really can’t get away from it. So when it came to decorating our post ‘civil do’ lunch venue (a lovely country pub) bunting naturally came to mind. The internet is brilliant for things like this, and after watching a few tutorials on YouTube, I was straight over to the Husqvarna Viking! I have to say that making bunting has turned out to be quite therapeutic, even after making 20m of the stuff for our celebrations. I did cause some amusement in the material shop when I announced that I was attempting to make “masculine bunting” as quite clearly it’s a contradiction in terms, but I think I’ve gone some way toward pulling it off. Clearly the most masculine way to produce bunting is not even to think about doing it in the first place, but hey, I’m a modern man.

Masculine bunting?

So there we have it, another little thing learned, a great way of using up left over fabric, another product that I could offer and (even better than all of that) the ability to make my own wedding decorations rather than hiring or buying. Clearly everyone is getting bunting for Christmas this year. Except my Sister who got it for her Birthday. And what of the wedding plans? Well it looks like with three weeks to go we’re pretty much there and starting to really enjoy the run up to the big day. Oh, and I’ve even managed a couple of days in the workshop – the little armchair is now stripped and ready for new upholstery which is always an energising point to get to. Here’s to an exciting month!

I’ve never known so many staples come out of one chair

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