A few months ago I mentioned in a blog post that I had been working on a couple of ‘secret’ projects that i was desperate to talk about, but couldn’t. Well today I can finally show you what I’ve been up to.

The first project was a really fun commission for a surprise gift that not only appealed to my love of upholstery, but my love of classic cars too. What do you buy an oboe playing, Eastern-European-car enthusiast? A chair for oboe practice covered with a fabric relating to his car of course!

Once again, Spoonflower came to the rescue and I was able to create a simple geometric print from the shape of the logo of long-gone car manufacturer, Yugo. This was a really lovely piece to work on with the client asking me to source everything including the chair frame. There was even enough fabric for a little Yugo bunting to adorn his beloved car at the classic car shows. I’m delighted to say that the client, and the lucky recipient we’re really pleased with the end result. A pretty unique gift eh?

The second project however is today’s big announcement (drumroll please …..) the launch of my website!

This feels like a really big step for me, and a very public one at that. This is my shop window, this is where I put myself out there for everyone to see and simultaneously declare that “I am an upholsterer”. So needless to say this website has been created, fettled, scrapped, re-created, allowed to rest, offered to a select few for feedback, amended again and then parked until I plucked up the courage to tell people it’s there. Yesterday, while glancing through my Twitter feed, I chanced upon a quote that talked about the benefit of taking risks Vs playing it safe (and I can’t find it now – it was far more inspirational than I’m making it sound!). It was the kick up the bum I needed.

So here it is. I’m really pleased with it – I hope you like it too.