Chalk Painting and Festive Frippery

I know I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently, but I’ve not been sitting about, honest. Scout’s honour. My little wing back arm chair is coming along nicely, and I’ve completed the arms to calico stage. A few new techniques here, and I’m really pleased with the results. It’s ground to a halt while I decide on fabric and I’ve committed to ordering it today – who knew it would be so hard to find a nice grey?

Building up the shape of the arms

A couple of weeks ago Darren and I went down to Truro for a long weekend, partly to see Chris and David at the wonderful Spring Cottage but mostly so that I could attend an Annie Sloan chalk painting workshop at Tresithick. I’d heard quite a bit about these paints but needed to see them for myself – the idea of painting directly on to wood or metal without doing any prep or sanding sounded too good to be true (which it wasn’t – you really can do that) but nonetheless appealed to the lazy person inside me. We practiced a variety of techniques to gain different effects from layering and sanding to reveal parts of the colours beneath, to force drying to gain a crackled look and the use of dark waxes to make a piece look aged. It was great fun, and I really am an Annie Sloan convert! This opens up a whole host of design possibilities for furniture aside from upholstery.

Trying to colour between the lines Annie Sloan style….

October and November also saw me hard at work producing my festive scatter cushions for sale on in time for Christmas. With some really unique fabrics from Spoonflower, I set to working on the ancient Husqvarna Viking which seems to be getting grumpier by the minute, snapping needles flew past my ears every 2 seconds. I want safety goggles for Christmas. Feedback on the cushions has been great, and some remain – get one now before they’re gone!

One of my Festive Scatters (on the right!) photographed by my first happy customer