With a little help from my friends

The new year brought with it a really lovely project, a pair of personalised chairs for 4 and 5 year old sisters, Tia and Khloe. My customer, Cheryl, was happy to give me artistic licence around the design of the fabric with the only stipulations being that it must include their names and they are obsessed with princesses and anything pink and girly. Great!

Then I remembered……. I’m a 35 year old man. Out of my comfort zone? Moi? Time to phone a friend.

Enter Victoria Ellerton, Children’s textile designer extraordinaire and old school pal. Excited by the idea of a collaboration, we (that’s the ‘Royal we’ of course!) set to work on some ideas for the fabric and very soon Vicky had produced some fantastic sketches for Cheryl to choose from.

The successful design
The successful design

With decisions made, the colours could be decided (including all important hair colour and pink-hues!) and the design really started to take shape

The final princesses
The final princesses

And then with the help of the wonderful Spoonflower website, the design was repeated and the fabric ordered!

The final fabric
The final pattern

I always said that I wanted to do something more creative with my time, and I suppose it doesn’t get more creative than this? The feeling of collaboration and the sharing of ideas has helped to produce something really special and needless to say Vicky, Cheryl and myself are very excited about seeing the finished product, but I hope not quite as excited as the final recipients…..