My third week at Tresithick – Day 3

Today has been really satisfying. For a little while now, I’ve been afraid of creating covers that are sewn together before being attached to a chair, preferring instead to build up the upholstery in-situ. Today has changed that – it should come as absolutely no surprise to me that when you take your time and follow a few basic principles, it works!

I can really see my little chair starting to take shape now, and as 5pm approached (days just fly by down here…) I was putting together my seat fabric, border and piping. This means that by the end of tomorrow, all being well, my little ’10 please Fred’ chair should be complete – and I really hope that it’s going to be a fitting tribute to good old Fred.

So tomorrow will see me completing the seat by attaching the border to the top (sewing a straight border to a round seat panel has been a challenge), fixing the buttons in place and attaching a back panel. I’ve really taken the time this week to think about pattern matching too, in part prompted my my recent addiction to ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’ where contestants lost points for not thinking about pattern. It’s just as important on chairs! I’m being really careful to make sure that the pattern looks balanced and that the construction looks considered and not thrown together.

I couldn’t have chosen a better week down here, the sun is shining and we’ve enjoyed breaks and lunches outside on the patio today. A real treat.

Before I go, just wanted to show you some of the detail from a fellow course member’s chair as what he’s creating is really inspiring me..

This is incredibly complex work, to which Rob has been unbelievably dedicated – and I think you’ll agree, it’s looking absolutely stunning. I love that fabric.

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