My third week at Tresithick – Day 4

I think I spoke too soon when I said that I was on track to complete my chair by the end of today, that said, I’m not a million miles away. I’d really like to make a box cushion cover this week too (an essential skill for any upholsterer) and Richard has told me that if I get my little chair dozen by morning coffee tomorrow, I should have ample time left. If not, I have the option to finish my little chair at home, or learn as much as I can about box cushions until the bell goes at 5pm!

And so to today’s progress, and the ’10 please Fred’ chair is looking great. The border is stitched to the top, it fits (thankfully) and I’ve taken time to make sure that the tension is right all the way around and my piped edge sits nice and level. No good having a seat that high on one side than the other unless you don’t want people to stay all that long.

A little of my time today was absorbed by the area where the seat fabric is cut into the seat back – you have to cut it in such a way that the cuts are very close to the surface, and unfortunately this fabric has a fairly loose weave that can fray a little. This means that in the back corners of the seat, the cuts started to show, but with a little guidance from Richard we were able to adjust it enough to cover them up without the need to add extra material or piping that might have spoiled the look of the chair.

You’ll see from the third photo that the buttons are now fixed in position, again, another learning experience and my first go at shallow buttoning. I’ve given them just enough tension into the pad so that they dimple a little without spoiling the lines of the fabric, however if you don’t pull them in far enough you run the risk of them catching when people sit, or even being able to see the backs of the buttons….. a real no-no!

Tomorrow is fixing the piping and stitching the back panel, I’ve already covered the back with a stiff calico to maintain the convex curve which will act as a good guide for the top fabric.

I’m going in 15 minutes early tomorrow as every bit helps. I’m really enjoying myself – I don’t want tomorrow to be the last day!

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