It’s not often that you get to combine a couple of passions in one, especially when your interests are as different as upholstery and old cars. Now I know what you’re thinking “you could re-trim the seats surely?” but auto-upholstery is a whole different ball game and the seats in my collection of old cars are just fine, thanks.

Now when I say ‘collection’ of old cars, I’m not talking Ferraris and Bentleys, I’m talking french shopping cars from the 80’s and 90’s. Quite frankly they’re the car equivalent of the Bash Street Kids, and many would consider that between them they equate to one proper car – so I don’t feel too ostentatious in having more than one! I love that they’re not like the other modern cars on the road, I love that they are so simple that I can fix them myself and I love that I can stand in a field on a wet Sunday and talk to other people about their odd little cars too. My love of cars has been with me since I was a young child (my parents still talk about the day they took me to Dudley Zoo and I was more fascinated by the Austin Princess in the car park than any of the animals) and I guess it’s an extension of my love of good and sometimes unusual design. Needless to say Citroens are a big love for me with their quirky, futuristic and innovative ways.


So where was I? Oh yes, upholstery. One day, out of the blue, a graphic designer that I follow on Instagram tagged me in one of his photos. This guy, Thomas Bressau, enjoys drawing cars, but in a particularly stylised way – his drawings often put me in mind of the cartoon images from the 50’s and 60’s, the kind of thing you would have seen in the titles of a Pink Panther movie. Much to my surprise, Thomas had drawn one of my cars, based on a photo in my own Instagram feed. I loved the image, and with his permission asked if I could use it.


Once again, the marvels of digital fabric printing were at my disposal, and 30 minutes on the Spoonflower website had the image ready for printing and shipping to the UK. And here’s the finished result – a scatter cushion with my very own car on it! Clearly it’s a niche market(!) but I’ll tell you something, I’m the talk of the town in the car club world………