Back at Chair School – fourth day

I went in early today and spent most of that time talking. Best laid plans and all that….

As the end of the week approaches, I’m really pleased to see the chair starting to look like, well, a chair! Today we were able to move on to the inside back, a great use of my time here because it will mean that any jobs left to do once I’m back in my workshop will be the less complicated ones. I’m really hoping that we’ll have the seat springs covered tomorrow too.

I’ve frustrated myself a little this week by forgetting to bring the seat cushion. This is important so that when you’re building up the arms and the inside back you can gauge the amount of space you’ll need for the seat. Richard has a similar cushion on hand to use as a guide and we have a photo of the chair in its original state – not ideal, but I can always adjust the cushion a little if required.

The tarpaulin base goes on the inside back
The tarpaulin base goes on the inside back

The name Parker Knoll is synonymous with chairs of this type, and it tends to be the chair of choice for those following the AMUSF curriculum. The method of build is different to the chair that I have, and as luck would have it Tanya, a fellow course member is working on a Parker Knoll so it’s handy for me to see the difference.

One thing lacking in my chair is any kind of lumbar support. Rather than create an inside back that looks a little like an ironing board, Richard showed me how to add a subtle lumbar profile with a simple foam insert on the lower 3rd of this section. This will make for a more comfortable chair and a better visual appearance.

Yes, this is a photo of 2 pieces of foam. Budding upholsterers might find this exciting!
Yes, this is a photo of 2 pieces of foam. Budding upholsterers might find this exciting!

So, foam cut, profiled, glued and tied in place it was time for the top fabric to go on. With this being such a large panel it really does transform the chair immediately. When the 5pm bell went I was at the point where I needed to cut the corners in, so I’ll do that in the morning (if I’m not too busy talking).

Don't be too sad that the funny head rest affair wasn't lovingly reinstated
Don’t be too sad that the funny head rest affair wasn’t lovingly reinstated

I’ve been trying to think of a great segue for the final picture but I can’t. It’s just unapologetically cute. Bella, Richard and Sonja’s dog loves nothing more that coming into the workshop at the end of the day and stealing old fabric….usually the pieces that are cat scented!

What? You didn't want this anyway, right?
What? You didn’t want this anyway, right?

2 thoughts on “Back at Chair School – fourth day

  1. This is a real *joy* to watch develop Jon! I’m so excited every time you add a new post to the blog. The before and afters are going to be incredible. Give Bella a good belly rub from me x

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