Back at Chair School – fifth day

The weeks I spend at Tresithick always seem to go by so quickly and this week was no exception. I knew from the outset that I wouldn’t be leaving with a completed chair, so that took the pressure off a little and I didn’t find myself desperately cramming at 4pm!

ive learned so much over the past 5 days and surpassed my expectations in terms of exactly how much I would achieve. Today we were able to move on to the seat and look at how to cover the springs ready for the cushion.

Today's starting point
Today’s starting point

Essentially what we were making today was a floating, padded cover for the springs. This enables the springs to move freely while at the same time preventing them from damaging the fabric on the cushion.

By far the most enjoyable part of the day was making the quilted cover for the springs. With a foam filled pocket made of simple platform lining, I set about marking a rather fetching diamond quilting pattern.

Doing my lines
Doing my lines

Then it’s over to the sewing machine, stitching along the lines through the foam. The resulting pad looks so professional I was taken aback! I made this?! Attaching It to the material for the front edge of the chair and anchoring it via elastic tabs at the rear will keep it in place.

Ooh, fancy!
Ooh, fancy!

Clearly there were lots of processes between and I’ve made copious notes, however I’ll save this level of detail for boring people at dinner parties. Needless to say, I’ve left the workshop today with far more than I expected and a very clear and confident plan for completing the rest of this chair.

As ever, the variety of projects happening this week were awe inspiring. A particular favourite of mine was Leigh’s chair – love the square deep buttoning

What a beauty!
What a beauty!

So there we have it, another week at Tresithick under my belt and probably the last until 2015. We’ll be sorry to leave Cornwall, we really do love it down here but we’re coming home via Fowey in the morning. Is 9am too early for an ice cream?


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