A couple of fun projects

Oh Hi! It’s been a while eh? I’ve just shocked myself a little in seeing that my last post was September – so what’s been going on?

Well I’ve had a few commissions which is lovely, I’ve settled into my new studio and I’m loving the extra space, I was shortlisted for an upholstery scholarship with the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (yay!) and didn’t get it (what’s the opposite of yay?), I bought a fancy-pants new sewing machine that will stop me from crying when someone asks me about velvet, oh, and I had a month in Australia! Does that let me off the hook for being absent?

I’m going to write a bit more about some of this stuff, particularly the scholarship (I met the Crown Jeweller – check me out), but today I wanted to share a couple of little fun projects with you…….

The starting point
The starting point

At present I have a shed full of furniture, little projects waiting in the wings for my own experimentation and amusement, but this was the one I was most keen to complete. I really like the idea that one day I will run some short workshops locally, a kind of “come and make one of these in 3 sessions!” type of thing and with that in mind, I thought I’d have a go at an upcycling project that could be the ‘one of these’ that people make…… a footstool made from an old electrical spool, or spool-stool if you like?

The finished stool
The finished stool

With a decent amount of the lovely Abbotsford wool left over from my Ercol project, I thought this little stool would be the perfect accompaniment. What do you think?


The second project speaks volumes about my love of the South West. I picked up this souvenir tea towel in Falmouth, but it was never destined for cups and saucers. With some plain white fabric and a piped edge, it’s made three lovely bolster cushions that remind me of sunny days. Perfect for these dark January days.

          IMG_5116          IMG_5111