Taking a bit of Hackney to Cornwall

I always look forward to my time in Cornwall at Tresithick, especially as they’ve now introduced ‘Pasty Friday’ which sets us up wonderfully for our final push on the last afternoon.

At the end of this month I’ll be heaving my latest project into the boot of the car and heading for Truro for not one, but two consecutive weeks of expert tuition with Richard Hooper and his talented second-in-command, Nadine.

Looking smart before the strip-down, although what lay beneath was less impressive!

This time around I’ll be working on a frame-up rebuild of a beautiful Victorian nursing chair that I’ve stripped over the last few weeks ready for it’s rebuild. Following a few repairs to the frame, this chair will receive new webbing, springs, stuffings and traditional hand-stitched pads before being given a fresh new look courtesy of London-based luxury lifestyle brand, House of Hackney. I should clarify, when I say “courtesy of” I don’t mean they’ve donated the fabric, although I wish they had – its luxury price tag means that my scissors will be shaking when I make that first cut!!

I want to produce something that has a really premium feel, and when so much work goes into the traditional construction of a chair like this, it seems a shame to shroud all that work in something rather ordinary. This chair rebuild will take the whole 2 weeks, she deserves a posh frock.

Stripped bare. A few frame repairs will be needed for this chair to see the next 100 years

The fabric I’ve chosen comes from House of Hackney’s recent collaboration with the William Morris Gallery who invited HOH to rework some of the well known prints for a new generation. I really fell for ‘Peacock and Dragon’ which in its new brighter and bolder green palette will stay faithful to the Victorian frame while giving it a modern lift.

House of Hackney x William Morris

I’m really excited about this one, it’s the biggest traditional piece I’ve tackled so far and I can’t wait to plug in to this world again for two whole weeks. As I’ve done before, I’ll be writing daily blog posts to show you what I’m doing and how the chair is progressing. I should also mention that this little beauty will be for sale once it’s completed…… Christmas is coming!


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