Even More Part Time

For those of you who’ve been following my blog for the last few years, you’ll know that my move into the world of upholstery was driven by a desire to do something more creative with my career, moving out of my current corporate HR role and into my own creative business.

I don’t often talk about the HR / upholstery balance on the blog these days, largely because since I reduced my day job to 4 days I was happy that I had started the transition from one role to another. I’ve been part-time for a couple of years now and for a risk-averse person like me, the financial impact of losing a day was easy to manage and the benefits of having Fridays in the studio were numerous.

2015 was a great year for commissions. I’m so delighted that people have trusted me with their furniture and upholstery projects, it’s a real confidence booster! One really fun project came in toward the end of the year, around October time. Nick, an ex-colleague of mine from my days working in Manchester for fashion retailer, BANK, contacted me regarding a window seat in his recently renovated Victorian home. What I thought would be a simple box-cushion turned out to be a deep-button extravaganza and something that i could really get my teeth stuck into.

Why he wanted to change this I’ll never know 😉

We discussed fabrics and design details, but when it came to timescales I felt a little sheepish. Nick really wanted it ready for Christmas and I was counting the number of Fridays left in the year. With 2 weeks in Cornwall booked, I was looking at around 5 days in the studio and a deep button project could take me a couple of days. I knew I could do it, but it did also mean that it was unlikely I could take on much more for the year – and it was only October!


The finished seat. Spot me admiring my work in the reflection!

I needed more time, and that meant taking a risk.

I’ve been very fortunate these past 7 years to work for a company and a line Manager where honest conversations are encouraged. They know that ultimately I’m aiming to be an upholsterer, and this conversation, just like the last was met with a “ok, let’s see if we can make it work” kind of response. The outcome? As of January 4th, I only work 3 days a week in HR! It’s a 6 month trial to make sure it works for all of us, but so far so good.

So what can I do with 2 days a week? My aim is that I can turn around my commissions a little quicker, have some more time for my own projects and maybe even pay my studio rent each month from my upholstery kitty. That would be something eh?

So here’s to tipping the balance a little more in favour of my aspirations.


The House of Hackney Chair is Finished!

With the busy Christmas period well and truly out of the way (not that it wasn’t lovely of course) I made a bee-line for the House of Hackney chair which had been waiting patiently in my studio for its finishing touches.

You may recall that the piping fabric was causing the hold-up as the House of Hackney velvet revealed the white cotton backing when wrapped around the cord. Thankfully a trip to my local fabric store solved the issue and I was able to find a really good match in a plain black, short pile velvet printed on a black cotton base. Perfect!

With the right fabric sourced I made the single piping for the back of the chair and attached this directly to the frame so that I could stitch the back panel directly to it so that it gave a nice tight close. The bottom edge was tacked off underneath.

 Then I made up 2 lots of double piping to cover the tacks around the back rest and the bottom edge of the seat. This was glued into place. Now, I don’t know if it’s just my glue gun, but they are pretty hard to use. It seems that mine really is all or nothing, one squeeze and you seem to have endless amounts of hot glue coming out for minutes. How I’m not permanently glued to the chair I will never know. So much concentration was required I actually had to remind myself to breathe.


Anyway, with the bottom cloth attached, I was done! And here it is….

What do you think? I’m really delighted with how it’s turned out, and even more delighted when a visitor to our studio saw the chair and said “that wouldn’t look out of place in House of Hackney’s window” and he didn’t even know it was one of their fabrics!  I did a little imaginary air punch at that moment, not an actual real-life one you understand. I’m way too cool to do that.

So what’s the future of this chair now? As much as i want to keep it, it’s officially up for sale. Interested? Drop me a line!