Before Upholstery….

… Comes frame work. 
There’s utterly no point in having beautiful upholstery if your frame can’t take it. Thankfully, this frame is in relatively good order but it was still worth gluing and closing up a few of the joints. In the end I think I used most of the clamps in the workshop including one that was so long it required a warning triangle. 

mind that clamp, it’ll have your eye out.

Remember I said that it felt like I’d removed a million tacks? Next job – fill a million tack holes! A mixture of sawdust and PVA ensures that your new tacks have something to grip rather than playing ‘dodge the hole’. This believe it or not has taken most of the day. 

before and after. its time consuming but filling the holes is vital
Mucky pup. This is a job best done by hand. I had so much PVA on my fingers i could have walked up a wall.

Tonight I treated myself to fish and chips at St Mawes. It’s a real drag being in Cornwall. Honest. 


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