Introducing Dug Roll

On Monday of this week I didn’t know what a dug roll was and by the end of the day I had four of my own 

An actual dug roll. It’s the thing on the back of the chair….

It turns out that you can alter the profile or depth of a chair frame with one of these. Essentially it’s a roll of coir encapsulated in hessian scrim which is then attached to the frame. I had one on the back to give the back rest depth, one on the leading edge of the seat to give it a rounder profile and one on each of the scroll arms to give a wider presence. These were the ones that I’ve reinstated today. New skill ….. Tick. 

Brand new dug rolls!

Of course the question still remains, who was Dug Roll?


4 thoughts on “Introducing Dug Roll

  1. Just read your blog from start to finish, love it! I am half way through an 8 week evening course with dreams of one day leaving the corporate job too! feeling inspired now thank you!

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