This chair is a keeper

Of all the chairs I’ve worked on, there’s something about this one that I really like. I think it’s the slim profile, it’s not a chunky armchair, it’s far more refined and elegant, almost understated. It’s certainly the most involved piece I’ve tackled to date, and when you invest so much time in something it’s can be hard to let it go. Today I started shaping the arms. First the coir…..

And then you encase it in scrim and add lots of pressure to form a nice, firm pad

Before and after. it takes some grappling to reduce the coir this much!
And done! Two very firm arms, shaped and ready for second stuffings

Shape is everything at this stage because try as you might, a bump or a dip will definitely show in the end result. So lots of time spent here today, making sure my foundations are good. I’m starting to see why 4 weeks have been recommended for the completion of this chair. 


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