The Incredible Exploding Frame

Ok, this might be something of a sensational headline but it got your attention, right?

Coir in place – this chair is getting bigger by the minute

Work on the traditional armchair is progressing well and the back of the chair is taking shape nicely. I’m trying not to think about the fact that this chair was shoe-horned into the boot of the car to come down to Cornwall and there’s a very good chance that it may not fit when it comes to going home at the end of next week!

Staring to take shape but there’s still more to do

In the last couple of days I’ve been able to build the back of the chair including the usual coir first-stuffings, lots of regulating, grappling and skewering. My regulator was red hot, as were my fingers which I kept pricking – I’m convinced that Richard has been sharpening the regulators. I requested a blunt ‘safety regulator’ which he duly found for me – clearly I can’t be trusted with the really pointy ones.

I love skewers! At this stage they’re ideal for marking things (in this case, the position of my through stuffing ties)

My one frustration this week has been my frame which seems to be gradually falling to bits. I’m being very careful to support the frame as I’m hammering but for some reason the recently repaired joints seem to be opening up again…. And when I re-glue one, another comes apart! Richard and I are going to have a look at adding some further support tomorrow in the form of corner braces to make sure that this chair continues to give good service for many years to come. It’s all very well for a chair to look good, but if you can’t actually sit on it…….

Ready for a stitched edge, but that’s a job for tomorrow once the frame is secured

As ever, the workshop is full of fun and utterly lovely people. I was delighted to see my friend Josie was here this week (you’ll have seen her photographed last time helping me lift the chair out of the roof of my car!!) and her massive armchair is coming on a treat. She’s working with leather and it really does look stunning – I’ll try and get a photo before the week is out.

It’s Pasty-Friday tomorrow. I’m unbelievably happy about that. 


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