I’m in love with my egg chair

There’s something about this egg chair that I just love! I don’t know if it’s the anticipation of how it’s going to look (I’ve already ear marked a space at home), the tailoring process of attaching the panels directly to the shell for the perfect fit, or simply the way that my Kirkby wool conforms to the lovely shape – I just want to keep hugging it!

The starting point – 5 panels cut
Step 2 – all pinned into place along the desired seam line
Step 3 – trimmed and ready for sewing
Step 4 – all sewn and ready for reattachment

Covering the chair has been unlike anything I’ve done so far – smooth, pin, cut, remove, sew, reattach and repeat! It’s so immensely satisfying.

This is how I left it today, and in just 2 days I can get a real sense of how it’s going to look. The centre cushions will be made when I return in a few weeks and will be sporting a rather lovely teal blue.

I think I’ve borrowed most of the pins at Tresithick

As ever I’ve had a great deal of fun at Tresithick – Richard and the other students have been on fine form, and a special mention has to go to Richard’s new second-in-command, Zoe who has been a real joy to work with.

I can’t wait to come back

Bella pays the occasional visit to help us tidy up

3 thoughts on “I’m in love with my egg chair

  1. Hello! I enjoy very much reading your blog. I am an 46 years old math teacher from Argentina living in the USA. I´ve had a traditional upholstery three weeks course in Wales last year. I would love to have teachers around here as you have in London, but here, in the USA is super difficult to find something related to traditional upholstery. But I am not afraid of facing the impossibles! After this big introduction…I will be take advantage for your expertise and I would like to know your opinion about what professional sewing machine do you recommend for me to buy? I will be doing things somebody starting a new business do. Nothing as much as complicated as your beautiful egg chair. But it needs to be a good machine because I want to try things look nice. THANKS IN ADVANCE!

    1. Hi! Thanks for getting in touch, it’s so great to hear from upholsterers outside of the UK! It really sounds like you took a great deal from your tuition in Wales and you’re ready to start doing your thing back home!

      So, sewing machines. Firstly, if you have the space and budget I would buy an industrial machine as early as you can. Domestic machines will just about cope, but they can struggle with multiple layers of thick fabrics. In terms of industrial, try and get a ‘walking foot, needle-feed’ machine. This means that the needle helps to pull the fabric through and the foot ‘walks’ along the fabric rather than a standard foot which drags along the fabric. The benefit of this is that it helps to keep your fabric lined up, reducing slipping or stretch. Perfect for working with wool or velvet for example.

      I hope that helps?

      Good luck!

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